His Memoirs 002

He stared in horror as the red dragon steadily walked towards him spitting fire, smoke and whatever else that comes out of the big snouts those creatures have. He froze and closed his eyes wondering where the adrenaline that most people seemed to have in such situations was. He couldn’t run to save his life.

The Fountain

I'll draw you a picture I'll draw it with a twist I'll draw it with a razor I'll draw it on my wrist If I do it correctly A red fountain will appear To take away my pain And wash away my fear

His Memoirs 001

Brian woke up feeling unusually lost. It was the third day of the week and he couldn’t keep track of what he was supposed to be doing. He knew he had to do something about it. Something about what he had planned before. The sooner he was to act upon it, the better the chances of succeeding would be.

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