His Memoirs 001

Brian woke up feeling unusually lost. It was the third day of the week and he couldn’t keep track of what he was supposed to be doing. He knew he had to do something about it. Something about what he had planned before. The sooner he was to act upon it, the better the chances of succeeding would be. He had been a victim of procrastination for a very long time. Things had to change for the better lest his plans would take a bad turn. The previous night he had read an article on what do about this. He had resolved to dedicate time to writing daily, at least a thousand words per day. Today being the first day, he was definitely not up to the challenge. He sat down and stared at the computer for a couple of minutes, “Now what do we write Brian?” he asked himself. It proved way harder than the article had put it.

Not knowing what to do, Brian opened the word processor. For some strange reason, it didn’t open. It popped up and covered the whole screen on the second attempt. He typed in a few words and then hit the backspace button and started over. This went on as if on a loop. He thought to himself that there was no way it was going to work the way he wanted. Just as he was about to quit, he thought to himself, “What if I reward myself if I achieve this feat today?” “Not a bad idea I suppose.” his inner voice replied. He thought about the reward and settled on treating himself to a large bar of chocolate. As a countermeasure, he settled on not using the internet for a day if he didn’t achieve the target.

The rules were set and he had to come up with something as soon as possible. He had errands he was supposed to run throughout the day. He had already squandered about one and a half hours thinking about what to write. It had to be done. He typed the first sentence, the second sentence and before he knew it, he was looking at a very long paragraph. He went on and on, paragraph after paragraph until he was satisfied that he had exhausted the idea he was writing on. “That went better than expected,” he thought. Upon proofreading the article, he was surprised by how flawless it was, considering the fact that he had gone for months without writing a thing. He saved the file, went on to do a short usual morning workout and then hit the shower. Achieving that first task in the morning gave him a sudden surge of energy. He felt like he could take on any challenge that day. After the quick shower, he changed into his favourite clothes: a dark suit with a tie to match, ate some left-over rice for breakfast, and then walked to the road to take a bus. It was going to be a good day, with chocolate on the menu.

“Ksh. 17,000 and you walk home with this cool phone,” Brian tried to convince the customer. He had been at it for about ten minutes now. The customer was stubborn. He had rejected the initial price of Ksh. 18,000 and counter-offered Ksh. 15,000. The best possible price Brian could offer was what he had just said. He had to make this sale. It was what would get him the following month’s rent. He had made a habit of paying his bills a month in advance no matter what difficult financial situation he was in. They went on with the negotiation with Brian hoping it was a serious customer and would close the deal. He proved hard to convince. Brian then decided to make the last cut to his profit margin, “Ksh. 16,600,” he said with a tone of finality. “Ksh. 16,500!” the customer counter-offered. Brian had to agree. He was tired. This was his last business in town and he wanted to get home. He took the cash, handed over the phone and closed the deal.

Just as Brian was about to board a bus home, he remembered he owed himself a chocolate. However, he decided to go without it. He would buy one if he did the writing for seven consecutive days. A new goal it was. He was the kind of person who always focussed on overachieving rather than just achieving a goal. Writing was the only thing that eluded him and he had to put an end to that. The last thing he had written was a couple of poems several months back. He had to nail it since he still had to study some music and programming before he went to bed that night.

“Julie,” Brian thought about that name. He took out his phone and struggled to input the password as the bus rocked side to side. He checked his message inbox and his email inbox. She hadn’t written him for more than a week now. He also really wanted to go to her place but he never did that. Meeting her wasn’t on the agenda yet for reasons only known to him. He slid the phone back into his coat and looked out the window waiting to get home, take a shower, eat, and then get to studying before he called it a day.

As he alighted from the bus, Brian had remembered he had missed something. He had an incomplete scholarship application that was due in a couple of days. One more task before the day ends. It had been a good day but it was going to be an exhausting night. He bought a few groceries and the proceeded home. After reaching home, he took a quick shower, prepared some food, ate, and then quickly washed the dishes. It was a quarter to nine by the time he finished all these. It was time to study, but first, the scholarship application had to be completed and submitted.

It took Brian half an hour to complete and submit the application. He then took out his music exercise book, went through the previous notes, read and made notes on a new chapter and he was done. It was half past ten. He then opened the Python program on his computer. Did some new code routines half an hour, and then closed that lesson. It was eleven o’clock. He prayed then went to bed with a smile on his face. Though famished, he felt a huge sense of accomplishment. He was going to write again the following day.


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