The Ultimate Super Hero

The Dark Knight has become a household name over the past couple of decades. Numerous storylines have been written by various writers. From Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns to Zack Snyder’s Dawn of Justice with dozens of other stories in between these two periods complementing and working with each other to explain the life and motivations leading Gotham’s favourite son to do what he does. This character whose alter ego is a billionaire playboy is interesting due to the fact that he is referred to as a superhero yet he, in fact, does not possess super powers. He compensates for this with his genius level intellect. The epitome of his intelligence is portrayed in a number of story lines. One that stood out for me was the 2000 five-part series The Tower of Babel where his mentor and arch-nemesis Ras Al Ghul manages to take down the heavy hitters of the Justice League using plans or rather contingencies that the Batman had laid out in case any of the league members went rogue. It only took the Batman’s intervention to reverse what Ras Al Ghul had set in motion. To date, I am still amazed at how a mere mortal, Batman that is, can be capable of single-handedly incapacitating a whole bunch of metahumans. Batman is what I would call the ideal human being. He is the true picture of what we can achieve if we put 100% dedication and discipline in all that we do. Batman has even been studied by psychologists who really want to understand what he is all about and what we can learn from the character in order to better our lives. As long as I am concerned, the Batman is the ultimate superhero. Or rather “superhero”.


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